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Our Work

Where a shower goes so do we. Read below to see where we can help with your next project.

GSI supplies, installs and are registered with all the major brands of showers available on the market. We offer solutions for your installation needs, whether it be standard acrylic shower enclosures of any shape or size through to high spec tiled, framed, frameless or custom made glass

Residential Shower Installations

Our friendly and experienced team can help you with all your shower requirements. We can work in with you, your plumber or builder in your home to ensure your shower installation will last well into the future. If the shower has been installed correctly in the beginning there is no reason why it shouldn’t last 10, 15 or even 20 years.

Multi-Level Apartments

Installing showers in multi-level apartments has been some of the most demanding work we have undertaken. With sites requiring up to 400 hundred shower installations in one building it can be challenging to say the least. But with a 100% success rate we can definitely meet your target and work within the tight parameters of multi-level projects.

Commercial Shower Installations

We have had years of experience working on commercial sites throughout Auckland. Our installers are capable of working within the confines of a commercial environment effectively and efficiently where time and safety is an issue. We can meet onsite or in your office to discuss the scope of work or via email.


Acrylic Lined Showers with Framed Shower doors & Acrylic Lined Showers with Frameless Glass

  • Before we come to site the shower tray needs to be installed and plumbed in.
  • Your plumber will connect the waste/drainage for the shower tray, fit the piping for the shower rose and mixer on the wall and then your builder fixes the gib to the wall.
  • Make sure the plumbing outlet pipe is clear of any acrylic liner shelf mouldings where necessary.
  • Ensure there is fixing in the walls to screw the shower doors to.
  • There should be no paint, gib stopping, primer or resins on the gib where the liner is to be glued.
  • We suggest painting before we come to site and approximately 100mm inside the footprint of the shower liner so we have 80% bare wall to glue to.
  • There should also be a 5 – 10mm gap between the top of the upstand of the shower tray and the gib on the walls, this should not be filled with silicone or fillers of any kind.

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Transform your bathroom with a new shower installation from GSI. Enquire today for a free quote and consultation.

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