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What We Do

Over the years we have found there is a lot of confusion as to what a “Shower Installer” is?
Why do we need one?

Our category sits somewhere between a plumber and a builder. Our company specialises in shower installation and we are good at it.
New shower installations

Acrylic Lined Showers with Framed Shower doors

This is our most common installation requirement. There is a range of shower sizes and styles for all spaces and preferences, ranging from 750 x 750mm to 1600 x 1000mm.

The shower door configurations can be: hinged, pivot, sliding, stacking, bi-fold or saloon, with heights ranging from 1830mm to 2050mm.

Colour options available; white, chrome, brushed satin and black. Many framed showers are sold as a package and include everything you need from the waste to the glue and silicone.

Although acrylic lined showers seem to be easy to install if they are installed incorrectly they can cause the greatest damage. See preparation

Acrylic Lined Showers with Frameless Glass

An alternative to tiling your shower is a one-piece acrylic liner. The liner is adhered to the walls and to the upstand of the shower tray ready for glass installation. The acrylic liner would be fixed to the wall where the tiles would normally be laid and is only available in white.

Call us to discuss how this and other options can be applied to your next shower renovation or installation. See preparation

Frameless Glass Showers

There are a range of frameless glass shower packages on the market. We can install ALL frameless options. Are they being installed onto tiles? Whether they are 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm we can make this installation process seamless. See preparation

Custom made Glass Showers

GSI can arrange custom made frameless shower glass for your shower. Full Shower enclosures, special detailed enclosures, designer showers or single panel(s) of glass. There are the options of chrome or black hardware, square or round handle. Custom frameless shower glass is great for unusual sized enclosures where the glass can be measured onsite to fit perfectly. See preparation


Acrylic Lining for Baths

As an alternative to tiles around a bath to control the splashing and wet areas you can install acrylic lining around the bath and at the front of the bath called a bath skirt. We can arrange a custom-made bath liner to the height you require if one on the market does not suit your space.


Acrylic Lining with Bath Screens Framed OR Frameless

If you are going to create a shower over a bath the best way to keep water in and avoid too much splashing is a bath screen. They are attached to the wall and top of the outer edge of the bath. The screens come in framed or frameless options with variations such as fixed panel, swing panel, sliding, fully fixed or fold back and away options.


Shower tray installations

Installing the shower tray correctly is vital to the function of your shower enclosure. The tray needs to be level before being adhered firmly to the floor. A poorly installed tray means there will be compromises during installation of the acrylic liner and shower doors.  

If this is over looked it will affect the life of your shower.


Technical Advice

We have a technical expert available to assist with any shower complications that should arise onsite. Getting the right advise prior to purchasing or installing a shower gives you the confidence to make informed decisions. We can also assist with shower design and planning in bathrooms to ensure your installation is easily achieved.  We find solutions not problems. 


Acrylic Lined Showers with Framed Shower doors

Acrylic Lined Showers with Frameless Glass

  • Before we come to site the shower tray needs to be installed and plumbed in.
  • Your plumber will connect the waste/drainage for the shower tray, fit the piping for the shower rose and mixer on the wall and then your builder fixes the gib to the wall.
  • Make sure the plumbing outlet pipe is clear of any acrylic liner shelf mouldings where necessary.
  • Ensure there is fixing in the walls to screw the shower doors to.
  • There should be no paint, gib stopping, primer or resins on the gib where the liner is to be glued.
  • We suggest painting before we come to site and approximately 100mm inside the footprint of the shower liner so we have 80% bare wall to glue to.
  • There should also be a 5 - 10mm gap between the top of the upstand of the shower tray and the gib on the walls, this should not be filled with silicone or fillers of any kind.


Frameless Glass Showers

Custom made Glass Showers

  • The site builder must prepare the wall of the enclosure ready for tilers to waterproof. The floor set out needs to suit the dimensions of the chosen shower. When measuring, remember to allow for the wall tile thicknes
  • Wall Channel installation:  This is vital to know BEFORE your tiler is on site.
    BEFORE THE TILES: If you have chosen a system that requires the channels to be installed onto waterproofing you need to book us in BEFORE the tiler tiles the wall but AFTER the waterproofing has been laid.
    CHANNELS AFTER THE TILES: If the chosen system requires channels laid AFTER tiles this means all tiling must be completed, including the silicone and grout of the wall & floor tiles BEFORE we start installation. 


What we do

What else can we do?

Repairs to leaking or damaged showers

You have an existing shower installed and you have noticed there is a leak trickling out of your shower, or noticed a spongy wall beside, behind or beneath your shower. What do you do? What can you do? Without spending thousands of dollars on renovating your entire bathroom to fix a pesky leak we can assess and repair your existing shower to the same high standards of a new shower installation with a procedure called a “rip-out and reinstall” saving the big budget renovations for later down the track.

If your showers not leaking but needs some TLC to bring it back to life we have variation of the “rip-out and reinstall” called a “reseal” which can involve:

  • Removing old mouldy silicone and resealing the shower with fresh clean silicone.
  • Replacing tired, split door seals with brand new seals and drip strips.

If its damaged or broken parts that you require we will need the brand and style of shower to source new hardware. If the shower’s damage is more extensive we may require a site visit to assess repairs and discuss options to fix your shower.  



We are certified installers of the showerdome product. Showerdome is the latest and greatest in steam prevention in your bathroom. A New Zealand designed and made product, it is very effective in reducing steam and condensation in your bathroom and can be fitted to most shower (existing or new) shapes and sizes. Showerdome can be fitted to the top of your shower and you are able to use your shower immediately after the installation. Call us on 0800 4 NO STEAM / 0800 466 78326.

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