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Shower tip #1 – Cleaning

How do you clean your shower? Yes we hear you & this is our number one question we get asked upon completing an installation. But no we are not plugging cleaning products on here, we will hint in the direction you might like to go. The best cleaner is the cleaner your Grandmother & Great Grandmother used to use – elbow grease!

With showers one of the most important parts of the shower is the silicone, which is the product between the acrylic wall linings, frames and tiles, it is designed to keep the water inside the shower and then get it down the drain. Silicone is very susceptible to aggressive cleaners, and we’ve seen silicone almost turn to dust from the cleaners that people are using. Ultimately, if you can soak your hands in the cleaner it is going to be less harmful to the silicone & to you.

There are lots of products out there that suggest they are the best cleaner for your shower but ironically the cleaners you use to wash yourself in the shower are useful to wash your shower enclosure. The same scenario where you get a good lather up is what is great for your shower, it seems like a big job but it takes a couple of minutes while your showering. The nooks and crannies you’ll need a soft bristle brush and loosen the dirt and grime, then rinse with the removable shower head. If you have a fixed shower head a bucket of water poured down the walls and glass will work fine. Then squeegee the excess water away.

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