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Shower tip #3 – Shower seals

These are rubbery plastic strips around the door frames of your shower, designed to contain water inside the shower specifically around the door. Shower seals generally have a 6-12 month manufacturer’s warranty period. In saying this, we have seen good quality shower seal last well past 10 years.

Shower seals are a good place for dirt and grime to collect and when this happens the easiest way to get rid of this is to clean the seals. How do we get the seals off? Firstly, if they are not visibly dirty, don’t remove them as the more you remove and put them back on it reduces the longevity of the seals. For the seals with visible mould, dirt or grime – gently and evenly pull the seals off the glass evenly, taking note of which way the flap is facing (take a photo first).

Seals are brittle and can break easily so when cleaning they can crack if you are too rough, use a straw cleaner or soft brush and remove all visible dirt and grime using mild detergent then rinse well. Unfortunately, there are some seals that can’t be removed but are just as good at growing mould and grime, these seals are tricky! So tricky that there are no tricks or tips here, creativity is your best friend. But a TIP here – if you are looking at a new shower this is a good detail to consider, and the best way to see this is to go into a showroom and touch, look and gently pull at the display shower seals. If they can be removed – great. These seal issues are as old as the invention of seals themselves.

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