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Shower tip #4 – Water temperature

What is the right temperature for your shower? And why is this an issue? No, it’s not because you’ll use up all the hot water!

The recommended temperate for your hot water cylinder should be set to 60 degrees Celsius, give or take according to each cylinder. In modern homes there is a tempering valve connected to the hot water cylinder which controls the temperature of the water that comes through the shower head. In older homes, where a tempering valve is potentially not present, your hot water is HOT! There are two temperatures to be considered one is the temperature in your hot water cylinder and two is the temperature coming out of your shower head. The water in the cylinder is set to a temperature to kill bugs. The water temperature for your shower head shouldn’t be so hot that it burns you. A simple test is to hold your hand under the hot water on full heat and if you can hold your hand there for 2 seconds then you’re in the right ballpark.

Why is it an issue if it’s too hot? Having your hot water above the recommended temperature can be damaging to your shower enclosure. Hot water can create rippling of the acrylic shower wall lining and excessive expansion and contraction can cause decoupling of the silicone joint. The acrylic wall lining can also pull away from the wall causing a soft spot or bubbling (it sounds like a drum) this is not always a huge concern, if it’s in the middle of the shower, it can be rectified with a removal and reinstall. If you have a wetback connected to your fireplace the water can get beyond boiling. The damage is called crazing – especially in vitreous China tops, it appears as tiny cracks in the basin, you may have seen this in older homes. Bathroom amenities are not designed to sustain this type of temperature.

Tips for your showering temperature – when warming up your shower it is best to point your shower head to the center of the shower tray away from walls to minimise damage. Don’t turn your shower mixer up all the way to hot to warm your shower up. If you really need to have to the water HOT aim it for your body for a short and sharp burst – yes you little hotties you read right short and sharp!

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